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Posted January 16th, 2008 by criticat in

Criticat Introduction

In simple words, Criticat is a platform for employee, employer and prospective employee to openly communicate with each other through reviews, advice , polls and discussion forums.

You are an employee and want to tell the world including your employer what your company stands for or how you feel for your company , Criticat by letting you review your employer allows you to do that. By reviewing your employer , you are openly communicating with your employers and prospective employees.

Yor are an employee who knows about a particular problem in your company and its possible solution. Criticat by allowing you to advise your employer lets you openly communicate with your employer in an attempt to improve things at your work place.

Prospective employees of a company often have lot of questions about the company e.g salary raises, company culture, growth in the company. There is no such place to find all the answers. Criticat by allowing the prospective employees ask questions about the company let them openly communicate with the employees and employer of the company and get answers to their questions.

You are an employee of a company and wants to build a consensus over a particular issue e.g problems due to increase in the number of impromptu meetings. Criticat by allowing you to create a poll and build consensus through votes of your colleagues lets you openly communicate with your colleagues and employer to help you cause the change you believe in.

We believe that open communication among employee, employer and prospective employees is much more effective if you want to bring about a change. This open communication will bring out transparency in the corporate world and hence a positive change.

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