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Posted January 19th, 2008 by criticat in

Lot of times you want the opinion of your colleagues on a particular topic. You might have a solution to a particular problem but not sure if your colleagues will agree with you. By creating a poll , you can build consensus and cause the change

Consider an employee who wants to get opinion from his colleagues about the frequency of team outings so he creates the following poll.
How often do you think we should have team outings ?
a) once a quarter
b) Semi annually
c) Annually
d) Twice a quarter .
He can now send the compiled response to the parties(upper management and HR) concerned.

Consider an employee who has an opinion about a particular thing and wants to put weight around it by getting others' opinion. He thinks that his company claims that there is flat hierarchy in the organization which is not true so he creates the following poll
DO you think we have a flat hierarchy in the company ?
a) Yes
b) No
c) Not sure
d) Doesn't matter.
By looking at the response he will know if lot of others agree with what he thinks is true . If lot of people agree with what he is thinking then you can claim it front of upper management and his opinion will have weight and value now

Consider an employee who is having problems in coordination because of his team size and he wants to know if others feels the same. He creates the following poll
What do you think is the best team-size for you to be most productive ?
a) 1-5
b) 5-8
c) 8-12
d) more than 12
e) Less than 5 .
Seeing the response from his colleagues he can know better about what others would want

Consider an employee who feels that company's all-hand meetings are mandatory but are not always useful for him so he wants to know what others feel about it .He creates the following poll
Do you think all-hand meetings are always useful and should be mandatory ?
a) They are useful and should be mandatory
b) They are not very useful but should be mandatory
c) They are not useful and should not be mandatory
d) They are useful but should not be mandatory.
If he finds that others also feel the same way as he does, he is basically putting weight around his opinion.

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